Digital Downloads

All downloads are in a PDF file format that were created with ADOBE. You will be able to fill in the boxes and make slight changes with a PDF editor.

If you are looking for a truly unique and modern way to present your tree check out ScrapPage Pro. This program allows you to use my artwork merged with their technology to give you an interactive experience. You will be able to place active text boxes allowing you the ability to fill in the tree with links to pictures, family stories and more. Just copy the link below to learn more.

Ancestral Trees

Ancestral trees come in a many options for number of generations pending on the depth of your research. These trees are intended for the documentation of ancestral lineage. Limited space is available for descendants.

Family Group Trees

Family group trees allow you to display both your ancestors and living family. The top of the tree can be formatted with boxes to reflect your specific family group.

Adoption Trees

These trees are a unique addition to the world of family trees. This tree allows an adoptee to present both their blood family and their adopted family.