Mitch Johnson


I have been an avid genealogist for 20+ years. My first experience viewing a family tree was during a visit with my great aunt and uncle. My aunt Virginia led me to a room where a huge graph covered a table. This graph was covered in names. My aunt directed my attention to a corner of the page where my name was. I was so impressed and struck with all the relatives on one page. This experience stuck with me and eventually led to my deep love of my family’s history and lineage.

After years of research I wanted to display my family history in a similar manner I had remembered as a child. The availability of family printed trees is limited at best and finding one with more than five generations was practically impossible. I realized that I would have to create the tree I truly desired myself. This process would take years to refine. The primary challenge is maintaining the flow of the chart while keeping a natural looking tree. After years of many drawings it resulted in the finish work I display today on this site.

My journey to the digital realm has been a whirlwind experience that has both overwhelmed me and inspired my creativity. A friend suggested that I post my work on the internet for others to see. The response was amazing and has left me full of emotion for the outpouring of love for my work. While I was working for my specific needs I never considered how much others would want and need my work. This has now resulted in a fast growing Facebook group and this website. I truly appreciate all those whom desire to present their family on my artwork. It is an honor and will be my legacy. I now call this my life’s work and continue to develop and design new ideas inspired by feedback and needs of a fast growing genealogy community.